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Mysticache v2.0 (Beta 2) 12/07/2009
  • Added column sorting
  • Added "Upload Data to MysticacheDB"
  • code organization
Mysticache v2.0 (Beta 1) 11/18/2009
  • Changed main interface to support multiple waypoints.
  • This version uses a MDB database to store its data. Each field supports 255 characters.
  • Added Import from GPX, LOC
  • Added Export to GPX, LOC, KML, CSV
Mysticache v1.0 11/10/2009
  • First version of Mysticache
  • Added compass from Vistumbler
  • Added gps details from Vistumbler
  • Added circles to indicate range into the compass
  • Added Start GPS selection (Current position or specified position)
  • Added Destination GPS selection (Bearing/Distance or specified position)
GpsCalc v1.0 10/22/2009
  • This was my initial test application to find out what calculations would be needed for Mysticache.
  • Take Current GPS and Destination GPS and calculates Bearing and Distance
  • Take current GPS, Bearing, and Distance and Calculate the destination latitude and longitude